Please help... To buy or not to buy??? Chloe

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  1. Ekk! I hate the wedges. They look like something an evil cartoon villan would wear! (Im sorry, that was harsh).

    But I love the ivory boots.
  2. ^^^ Ditto!
  3. I think you should stick with the first ones, I agree with the others about the red shoes, very cartoon-y looking.....
  4. Ok... there's 500 saved. THANK YOU! My husband hated them too.
  5. I'm in agreement with the above posters - I like the first ones, but I dislike the wedges quite a bit.

    However, go with what you like. You're the one who has to wear them.
  6. I do find those wedges compelling, but in the end, not quite sure I like them, I also think they may be hard to wear, whereas the ivory pair are much nicer and practical :yes: