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  1. Hi everyone im trying to buy a purse for my girlfriend but cant decide which purse would be best. I want to get her a soho handbag but cant decide which of these to get. Can you guys tell me what you think of these?Thanks

    Coach Soho Signature Large Hobo
    Coach Soho Braided Leather Large Hobo
  2. i like the braided better.
  3. I like the braided better too.
  4. I agree, I like the braided leather bag better. It may hold up better over the years with it being all leather.
  5. I also like the leather - the braiding is such a nice touch!
  6. Braided!
  7. It all depends. Is this her 1st coach bag? If it is, I would go with the signature hobo.
  8. :yes: braided all the way.
  9. Definitely braided

  10. I agree. If its not her first, then go braided
  11. The braided is a real eye-catcher. But I agree with Superstar.
  12. i go for braided as well, it is unique!