Please help me with this for the tPF meet in Paris 2008?

  1. I'm so excited that the Paris 2008 meet has been planned and I can't wait to meet the other ladies from the forum. I've been reading about the Paris mothership staff and I am worried my French will not be good enough to get me through my kelly/birkin purchases though! :sad:

    I thought with all the french ladies and french speakers here, maybe you would help me in this thread with some simple French phrases appropriate to the Hermes experience? I'd be so grateful! I can manage colors and the Hermes descriptors but my conjugation - c'est terrible!!! lol.
    Any other help would be great :smile: Thank you!
  2. Sophie, most SAs speak functional english and it will not be a block to your getting an item. This is particularly true at FSH. Don't fret, enjoy it ;)
  3. What Perja has said is very true but a formal greeting in French is usually appreciated but if your French is poor or your accent execrable - stick to a very confident sounding 'Bonjour!'. If you are not perfectly groomed like a bon chic bon genre Parisienne they will - apparently by telepathy - know that you need a little linguistic help!
  4. Absolutely, Sophie. Just be yourself, nice and friendly and enthusiastic about H, and you won't need to show off any French.
  5. ^^^I absolutely agree, and also what Perja said is true:yes:
  6. thank you for all the helpful tips! i've always wanted to improve my french and i find if you try at least to make an attempt to speak the language parisians are much warmer! i have most of the birkins and kellys already that i want or need but i am hoping to buy some exotics when i go, so i wanted to be a little prepared. I can't wait to go back to paris, my favorite city! hope to see many of you there.:heart:
  7. ditto the above ladies! :smile: the french are very polite, just a bonjour monsieur or bonjour madame will be fine. they appreciate being addressed when you come into a store :smile:

    oh have a great time! :biggrin:
  8. Thank you! :smile: I may end up going before but no reason I can't go twice, right?! lol. Paris is so beautiful.