Please help me with a math problem

  1. I just called Hermes and told them that I didn't get tax credit for my exchanges, but the SA (not the one who sold me the Kelly) said the computer automatically calculates it. My receipt doesn't show it. I asked her to look at the store's copy, and she says it shows a tax credit for my exchanged items for $49 something. But the total charged to my card is the same as what is on my receipt. The SA said she will have the SA who sold it to me call me back tomorrow (turns out she's the assistant manager of the store!!!)
    Please help me do the math. I've done it several times, and I'm still seeing that I didn't get tax credit.

  2. its works out. the return is $695 with tax. the purchase is $6357 with tax and the difference is what you were changed. :biggrin:
  3. I did the math and I don't see it either.

    You were taxed for the price of the kelly minus the return value of the agenda and refill only.

    There is not a tax credit on that receipt (unless I am a math moron). :P
  4. Kelly = $5900
    Return = $645
    Subtotal = $5255
    Tax - $407.26
    Total - $5662.26

    Where are you getting the $6357? and the $695 return?
  5. the return is $645 before tax, with tax = $695 (using the 7.75% on the receipt)

    the purchase is $5900 before tax, with tax = $6357.23.

    $6357.23-695 = $5662.25

    the computer just doesn't show the calcs
  6. ^That makes sense...
  7. Ahh- thank you shopgirl - that does make sense...:biggrin:

    Addicted - I would have been confused to when I looked at the receipt. :P
  8. no problem! i've worked a lot of retail and lots of people ask the same question. :biggrin:
  9. You all are great.
  10. i thought the same thing when i read this thread! :smile:
  11. hfxshopgirl: THANK YOU for saving me from something that could've turned out really embarrassing for me!! I get it now. The tax was on the kelly AFTER the credit was given. If there'd been no credit, the tax would've been on the entire amount of the kelly.:shame: :shame:

    Thanks, everyone! This forum is so great!
  12. i had the same problem with an hermes exchange i took me like an hour to calculate and figure out that they had given me my tax back too......they really should do something about that :suspiciou
  13. no problem! anytime!!! :biggrin: