please help me understand this ONE ASPECT OF SNIPPING ive tried reading,,,

  1. I am so confused i have heard different things, and i never thought about using this but i have to win this bag its like the last one on the universe and i had ordered the last one on bluefly and my shirt RUINED IT!!! the company whos shirt it was is paying damages thank goodness but my only chance is to win this bag!

    SO i have to SNIPE FOR THE 1st TIME as i have to be working when it ends,,,

    This is a relist no one bid last time so i dont think i have anything to worry about but i HAVE TO WIN! so the BIN is $199, i am willing to pay anything up to $350 for it buti dont WANT to pay $350

    SO MY QUESTION!!!! :smile:

    If i place in a snipe thing $350 does that mean if no one bids and the starting bid is $199 that i still have to pay $350 ? or do i win for $199?

    and what if someone else bids say,,,, $240,,, and i have my snipe at $350, will it put in like $280? lets say so i can win over that bidder but not pay my full highest amy of $350?? or does it AUTOMATICALLY just place $350 and thats what i pay?

    thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  2. Ok my first question is, if the BIN is $199, why would you need to bid? You could just buy it now and end it for that amount.

    Anyway, for the sniper, if you put in $350, it'll put that bid in at the last seconds of the auction and if you're the high bidder, you'll be responsible to pay up to the highest bid the high bidder put in. For example, if the high bidder put in $240 and you put in $350, then you'll have to pay the $240 for the bag (assuming no one else is sniping the bag as well).
  3. yea sorry there isnt a BIN the starting bid is 199 sorry :smile:
  4. It's just like putting a max bid in the last few seconds so no one else can max you out (as opposed to putting it a few days/hours before, which gives other bidders the opportunity to try and match). So you just end up paying the increment over the last bid. If the increment is $5 and you've sniped at $350 and the last highest bid was $240, you pay $245.

    i've started using a sniper and never looked back, it's lovely, especially when you're working. Just put in your absolute highest bid with the sniper and they should snipe it for you.

    I suggest the one I use, I've won almost everything I've set my sights on: and they give you 5 free snipes a week, if you want unlimited, you pay $5 a month.

    Hope that helps!
  5. ok so if i put $350 and no one else bids then i dont pay $350 i pay the starting bid? and if someone else places one bid and mine is higher i just pay right above their highest bid right? not the $350 i am willing to but dont want to pay :smile:?
  6. Ah no problem.
    Did that explanation help a little though? I tried to keep it simple because I'm envisioning it in my mind but it's hard to explain sometimes.
    Let me know if you need any elaboration. :yes:

    And yup, if no one else bids, you'll get it for the $199.
  7. o man im so nervous! :smile:
  8. Exactly! You will just pay the starting bid, which has happened to me. I overestimated the lure of a lauren merkin clutch and got it for the starting price of $85 though my snipe amount was $150. :wlae: I'll tell you about my ss experience in pm and then actually ask your advice!
  9. lvbabydoll which site do you use?

    are they all reliable like 2 give my eBay info to?
  10. I use also, and I feel like it's very reliable. I started using it after SwankyMama recommended it. :yes:
  11. It's so nerve-wracking the first time because you're putting your trust in something other than your fingers, but it's a great tool!
  12. is it safe to leave it at 5seconds?
  13. Well that's about as close as you'll get unfortunately. They don't recommend going below that because of computer or network issues that might arise and the bid might not get placed properly.
    If you don't subscribe to the service, 8 seconds is the limit but if you subscribe to the service you can set it at 5.
  14. ohh 8 sounds like a long time,,,, but i dont buy from eBay that much

    to register i have to pay $5/mo?

  15. Well when you register, you're a basic user and have 3 free snipes. But if you subscribe, you'll get to change the time it places the bid to fewer than 8 seconds and you'll get unlimited snipes.
    I'd stick to the free version though, there's really no need to subscribe if you only want to snipe this one thing. I've never subscribed and I have pretty good luck with the 8 seconds.