Please help me pick my first Chanel

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I'm new to Chanel, so new that I'm going to purchase my first bag today. I need help deciding on which bag should be my first. I carry a lot of stuff, I love the black quilted leather and the chain strap. What do you recommend for me? I'm 5'2", will the GST be too big? Do any of you have another suggestion?
    Thanks so much!!
  2. GST is a good choice for your first. Some find it too boxy and heavy the longer you wear it. You should def try it on in person. Another great one is the expandable or a cabas.

    What's your budget? That would help narrow it down.
  3. A GST, a PST or a Cotton Club bag would work.
  4. Hi Again,
    My budget is $2,000. How much is the GST? I called a local retailer and they said it comes in a small med. and large. I know the small would be too small. But I wasn't aware of a medium. Do any of you know what the dimensions are on the medium? TIA
  5. last I heard the GST was going for $1895 not including tax. Not sure which bag the SA is referring to - med?? All I know is the PST and the GST??
  6. there's no medium. . .
    the problem is WE call a specific bag a GST, but Chanel calls a lot of their totes, Grand Shopping Tote.
    It's possible you and the SA were talking about 2 different bags.