Please help me pick a new red bag...

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  1. Ever since my step daughter came home from the outlet this month with a great red Soho Flap bag, I have been convinced that I NEEEEEEED a red bag. I'm usually more of a conservative colored bag gal, so this would be a big step for me. I'm looking for a good medium sized bag. I have been used to carrying one of these three this fall/winter so far (to give you an idea of the size I like):

    1. Legacy Slim Flap in black sig
    2. Large Soho Flap in chocolate sig
    3. BRAND NEW for the holidays black leather medium carryall (thanks DH!)

    I'm looking for something this sized in red leather. I want it to be roomy and comfie, and the ability to put it on the shoulder in a pinch would be a plus. I'm thinking of these bags:

    Carryall - I love the look of this bag, but my newest one is a Carryall and I am looking at the same style for spring. How many do I really need. Plus, I doubt this would be comfie on the shoulder. Thoughts?

    Large Soho Flap - I just love the look of this bag.

    Soho tote - This one looks a lot like my style. Anyone know if this one would fit on the shoulder?

    Gallery Tote - I don't yet have a Gallery Tote, but I love the look. Will it fit on the shoulder?

    Can anyone offer their thoughts or opinions on these bags? Thanks!
  2. What about a red leather carly?? They are beautiful!! Out of the choices above I would say the soho flap. I am a big fan of soho.
  3. I also love the soho flap... they had them at the outlets for $199 -20% - add'l 10% and I was SO tempted. My next favorite would be the gallery tote.. and I am pretty sure the soho tote will not fit on your shoulder. Let us know what you decide, good luck! :tup:
  4. I guess I should clarify - I am not a Carly gal. I love them on others, but after trying them on I know they are not really my style.
  5. I like the first and last ones but wondered if you had considered a Carly in chili? It's a gorgeous bag too!

    ETA: posted this while you were answering this question.... Then I like either the embossed satchel or the tote!
  6. I love the first and last one personally. I'm not sure about being able to put either on your shoulder though.
  7. out of the bags you posted, I love the embossed leather carryall. I think its gorgeous and you already know that style is comfortable for you. I don't think theres anything wrong with having multiple colors in the style you like. Its so hard to find a bag that fits all your needs AND looks good.:yes: My second choice would be the SoHo Flap. I'm not sure the SoHo tote will fit over the shoulder (although its a cute bag!) and the gallery tote has thin straps for such a large bag. The straps dig in your shoulder after a while. At least that was my experience with the gallery totes. Good Luck deciding! They're all beautiful!:tup:
  8. I love the soho flap. That would be the bag for me. It looks very classic.
  9. the 1st one is gorgeous!
  10. I like the first one! It is so pretty
  11. I like the Gallery Tote the best, but for me the shoulder straps are too short for my liking.
  12. I love the Soho tote and the Gallery tote, but the Soho flap is VERY practical! I love the style of it, and it fits over the shoulder comfortably. The Gallery tote also fits over the shoulder, not sure about the Soho tote. I tried on the Carryall, and it's just not comfortable on my shoulder, IMHO.

    Have you considered a Rose Bleecker Duffle? I would also suggest a Chili Carly, but you said you aren't a Carly girl.
  13. What I would really like to tell you is - Get them all! They are red, what more do you need? But, I love red too.

    Seriously though, what I'll really recommend is the Gallery Tote or the Soho Flap. I have a Hampton Tote and while I don't carry it to the store, I do carry into work everyday and it is fine. The Soho Flap is really cute and looks like it would fit nicely on your shoulder.
  14. I like the Gallery Tote!
  15. The gallery tote is at the outlets right now. I think it's 199 with 20% off! The soho is an outlet exclusive and they are 30% off right now so that soho flap would end up being something like 125! Also, the hamptons embossed leather signature bag is also in some outlets but I can't remember the price. I just took a trip to the outlets and I think they were also marked down with 20% off! I would go with the gallery, it will be wearable and functionall all year long. Have you seen the north south gallery, I think it comes in red as well and they seem to be a bit less boxy than the regular small gallery tote! Anyway, good luck to you, I LOVE RED so I would just die for all of them.