please help me on size!!!!

  1. do the pigalle pumps run big, true to size, or small. i am a size 7 but maybe thinking about getting an eight since i read many girls here have to go up a size or half on their CL's. also does this syle show toe cleavage, i really dont like that look?:smile:
  2. It depends on which pigalles you are getting. For the 120mm pigalles, they run true to size due to the very high arch, so go with your usual US/American size. For the 100mm pigalles, I think that they run true to size or about 1/2 a size small depending on the width of your foot. The pigalles show tons of cleavage so if you don't like toe cleavage, then I certainly don't recommend the pigalles. I think that the toe cleavage makes the shoe look very sexy.
  3. I have a pair of patent 100mm pigalles, and I got a 38.5 (I'm an US 8). I could fit the 38, but it wasn't as comfortable as the 38.5. I tried on the 120mm, and could fit a 38, but the heel height was too much for me!

    I do agree with Kamilla - it does shoe toe cleavage, but it's very sexy. :smile: