Please help me locate a large brown coco cabas

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  1. Hi. I am desperate for a large brown coco cabas. i realize its stupid to start looking for one this late, but ever since I saw the picture with Sienna Miller and her brown cabas at Sundance I have to have it. Does anyone know where it is available and how I can score one. Are they making it again this fall? Thanks guys!
  2. i think the only chance is on ebay
  3. Definitely ebay, check daily, I saw one about a month ago, went for about$2200, used condition

    Good luck! Its beautiful
  4. My SA from Saks told me there will be dark brown Large Coco Cabas coming in soon. U should ask your SA from Saks.
  5. The original Cabas that Sienna has is not being remade, only the baby Cabas (w/out the CC logo on the bag). As others said, check ebay regularly and be prepared to pay well over the $1650 original retail.
  6. thanks everyone for the info and advice. im scared to buy chanel on ebay so i guess my best bet is to wait for the cabas bags for fall. ill contact my SA asap.
  7. ebay!! goodluck!!
  8. ok talked to some SA's and im on a few lists for the fall versions in either black, khaki (bronze) or silver. ill take whatever color and whatever size i can get. the sad thing is i got a large vinal cabas when they first came out but like an idiot i sent it back. oops.
  9. There is a khaki/bronze baby cabas at NM Atlanta. Ask for Page. 404-266-8200.
  10. thanks czo28! im gonna call asap. ill let u know if i got it:smile:
  11. called neimans atlanta- page wasnt there but the not so friendly SA who answered the phone said they didn't have the bag. thanks anyway :smile:
  12. lisadoodle,

    U should try to call Saks NY, 212-940-4347, my SA said there will be large coco cabas coming in soon. I had reserved a large coco cabas black already! They should have dark brown also.
  13. ooh thanks chanelfans- ill give them a call when they open this morning. im on some list for the khaki/bronze in large and small (id rather have large) but if they r getting brown that would be great. its so hard to tell whats being made because the SA's all say something different, depending on what their stores bought.

    thanks you guys for all your help! if anyone wants a denim cabas i know saks chevy chase had one when i went this past weekend.
  14. thanks again chanelfans- im on the list for the large chocolate brown! you're the best :smile:
  15. I am so happy for u, the SA from Saks NY is very helpful, he had helped me to find 3 chanel bags before! Don't know why, personally i like to buy from Saks more than from NM as i always have to order by phone/ e-mail since i am not living in USA...

    Hope both of us will get the Coco Cabas soon! :tup: