Please help me find....

  1. I am in search of a black Chelsea pebbled leather zip top hobo in the smaller size. I think it is roughly 10inx7inx3in or so. They had some at the outlet near me, but I called and was told they have no more. I got one for my sister in law for Christmas and want one for myself. Anyone know where I can find one? I looked on eBay, but they all want pretty much retail for their used bags. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I know if anyone can find one y'all can! Thanks in advance.
  2. When I was looking for my red tote, I called every outlet in the state. :lol: Then I called every outlet in cities where I knew people. Finally, I found one in D.C., talked to my friend there, and she agreed to buy it and ship it to me. Can you do something like that?
  3. Mokey, I was looking for this bag, too! All of the outlets in my region are sold out, as well - I called yesterday. I bid on one tonight on eBay that was NWT (just about five or so minutes ago) and I was outbid. The high bid was $133 I think. I couldn't find any other black ones with the zip top currently listed.
  4. Thanks for the help. I wish I would have picked one up for me when I got hers, but I was shopping for others and had to stick to the budget. I called the two that are in my state and they are both out. Oh well, thanks so much for helping me with this.
  5. The style number is 8E99. I have it as a saved search in eBay. :sad:

    Mokey, just like you, I had the opportunity to buy one at the outlet at least five times but I never did. Doh! :lecture:
  6. They go for about $155 plus tax at the outlets right now. Just so you know the going price. Sellers on ebay have to pay fees so that is why the price is close to $190 or so on ebay. Just an FYI
  7. That is it. At my outlet they were $109 with 20% off, so $87. I wish I would have gotten one for me. Darn it! I am with you Mokoni, hindsight! Thanks for looking into it Noshoepolish.