please help me find these sunglasses!!

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  1. i am desperately searching for the Karen Walker "annie" sunglasses... i cant find them anywhere, theyre sold out it seems :crybaby: has anyone seen them anywhere? if anyone has seen them or knows where i can get them PLEASE pm me and help me out! :tup:


    heres a pic:
  2. ^^^ thanks, but I already tried buying from them, they sold the last pair already :sad:
  3. That was the same site that I was going to suggest - I'll keep looking for you, though. Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much! ^^^ I really appreciate the help :yes::heart:
  5. Ohh, sorry. I'll keep looking.:smile:
  6. Yay! I'm so happy! Just wanted to update this thread, I found someone who sold me the sunnies! Woo hoo, finally! Not a store or anything, just someone my friend knows :smile: she had 2 pairs (one black one tortoise) and I got em both! A lot of $$$ but its worth it... Ill post pics next week when I get them!

    Thank you to those that were helping me look! :tup: