please help me find MEDium luxe bowler!! pleasseeee

  1. Dear all, I have been searching and searching to no avail. If any of you find one (in black or metallic black). Please put down your name on it as I will really buy it the first second I know about it=)
    And if there are any SAs around here, please do find me one!!! thx so much
  2. wrong place opppssss can somebody move this or teach me how to move this? thx and sorry.
  3. wow.. thats wayy overpriced! thanks. I'm going to contact the seller and see whether we can work something out. Has anyone actually seen the patent leather bowler and love it? that might just be my best choice right now.

  4. I have it in blue patent and I'm not too crazy about the shape. I think the bowler is too difficult to carry on the shoulder. My Nieman's (Atlanta) has them in black and blue patent. They used to have the white but I didn't see anymore last week. Good luck!
  5. Thanks! So will the patent leather bag not be as "slouchy" compared to its leather counterpart? And is there a price difference? thanks
  6. I think the retail of the patent is more than the other leathers.

    I'm in the same situation as you. I want the Med luxe bowler in regular leather as well and am thinking of settling for the patent.
  7. Saw the patent 3 days ago and dont fall in love with it at all. It just looked "forced" to me.
  8. I havent seen it yet irl. Does it look cheap or plastic-y?
  9. It is soft but not as soft as the leather, but much stiffer so I find that it does not naturally fall or slouch the way it would as if it is leather. It just does not interest me at all.=(
  10. ^^very true. I have the med. bowler and it is very soft and will slouch when set down. The patent is much more stiff...IMO
  11. I had and returned the gold patent bowler. I wasn't as impressed with the color, the rigidity, and the high maintenance of the smooth, light colored patent in such a large shape. :tdown: I prefer the leathers, and have the dark silver and metallic black bowler's. :heart: pinkcrazy - If I see a medium luxe metallic black, or calfskin black bowler, I'll let you know!! :smile: Good luck finding one!
  12. I spoke w/ Marie Scott my SA at Chanel in south coast plaza and she mentioned more patent bowlers coming in.... and there was no waiting list last I checked.... give her a call for the leather one.... they are expecting some bowlers coming in for sure in patent her # is 714 574 7455... she is great to work with.... I have the patent and the metalic and love both of them... good luck