Please help me find a Rouge VIF Work :( !!

  1. After a few dissapointing experiences w/Chloe, I'm back on the Balenciaga bandwagon :smile: I would ADORE a red work -- but I've called so many places and the SA's just laugh at me. I'm guessing that color is long gone by now? :crybaby:
  2. Did BalNY laugh at you? It seems like they had so much stock fairly recently. Or AlohaRag? I know they had it but no idea if they've sold out or not. Good luck!
  3. Oooh, I am so bad at locating stock - but if I have a chance to check out our local Neiman Marcus, I will - especially for you! :love:

    I know there are a few forum members that have been successful locating a rouge vif work recently.

    ...but most importantly.... YOU'RE BACK?!!?!!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Hi mammab...I agree with Glimmer. I would check with Aloha Rag and see if they have it still in stock. :yes: Good luck, and I hope you find your rouge work! :flowers:
  5. Thanks Mimz, Glimmer, cate22 for the info :smile: (yeah Mimz....I'm back [for now] must learn to pace myself when it comes to buying b bags so an OD does not happen -- these forums certainly do NOT help :lol: )

    I did find a courier in the Rouge VIF and am having it shipped over, but I dunno . . . :confused1: I'm such a "work" girl at heart. I don't think I can deal with the non-braided/whipstitched handles on it, but I do love the size and the adjustable strap (which you don't get with those whipstitched handles) and that is has the seam on the front going down the middle just like the work does. We shall see (will post pics when it arrives -- Wed. perhaps?) Plus it seems to be the less expensive of them all (excuses, excuses...)

    I also have been lemming the black weekender. Black kinda "shrinks" the size down a bit. I did see a beautimus rose weekender on ebay (*hint hint*) that I was very tempted by!
  6. mammab, I just got off the phone with BalNY, and I wanted to let you know that they don't have the rouge work right now. :sad:
    But hopefully, you'll have some luck at AR!

    Oooh! A courier? Did you receive it yet? Can't wait to see those pics! :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Mammab,

    You should try Aloha Rag. They just emailed me the pdf of their stock today and the red Work is on it.