Please help me figure this one out. Re: Paypal's confirmed address

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  1. On ebay, a 0 feedback bidder (though has been a member since 2005) has won one of my auctions and paid promptly and the Paypal address IS confirmed.

    However, when I try to print the label through Paypal, it suggests that I edit the address but when I do that, it warns me that since it's not shipping to the exact "confirmed" address, I will not be covered through their Seller's Protection.

    What should I do?
  2. If it is something like a zip code, spelling of a street name or whatever you are fine. If it's a totally different address you are not protected.
  3. Thanks.
    The USPS suggests that I:

    add NW to the street address
    omit an apostrophe in the city name

    I did this and then it warns that the address is no longer confirmed. It doesn't seem like a big deal. 0 feedback bidders make me nervous. Should I edit the address so I can ship though Paypal or should I leave it alone and take the package up to the Post Office and send it without the changes?
  4. You could just ship through the post office, put the confirmed address on all your paperwork (like the delivery confirmation/signature confirmation sheet) but put the address that Paypal suggests on the box. That way, you shipped it to the address they suggest, but all the addresses on the paperwork are the "confirmed" address. ;)