Please help me ease my mind. What would you do if it was you? Preloved item not as described

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  1. So, I ordered a preloved SLG Monogram item not on ebay but from a very popular consignment website that is well known here on TPF and youtube. The item is so not as described. Pictures on the listing shown no wear on the zipper and the gold zipper pull with the LV logo it is pure gold, now what I received was all black and the gold plating has rubbed off. The listing says dustbag included but what I have received is the dustbag from the consignment website and not the LV dustbag. The condition says very good what I received was horrible I was stunned and beyond terrified. The date code is different from the listing too, not to mention there is a glue residue and the lining inside is a little loose like you can see bubble Idk how to best describe it. I opened the item as soon as I received it today and called the customer service they sent me a return label and they said they are going to send it to their authenticating team. I repacked the item and sent it back today. I am just concern that if sending it to their "authenticating team" determines it is not authentic what if they say this was not what they have sent me and I just switched the item because apparently this is also a store that doesn't use store (online) tags unlike the other consignment websites I have bought from. I am really worried on how this thing will turn out. I am refusing to name the item I bought and the website (store) name until this matter gets settled. Sorry for the inconvenience. What should I do or what would you do if it was you in addition to what I have already done. Thanks for reading my rant.
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    . It would help to name the consignment website.
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  3. Well since you bought it on eBay you can open a case via eBay and also on PayPal that the item you received was not as described. They did send you the return label however and allowed you to return so before doing that you can see what they say once it's back in their hands.

    You may want to check to see how long you have to file claim just to cover all the bases in case this seller does give you trouble. As far as what I would do it's hard for me to say without knowing who this cosigment store is as I don't know their reputation, that's important in making decisions when it comes to shopping on eBay. However I guess I would start with checking into the time to file the item not received as described claim time.
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  4. I'm afraid if they read this which is really impossible they won't help me out anymore. Oh. I also took pictures of the item received. Lol
  5. Hi, I mentioned the item was not bought from ebay but from a well known consignment website that we often task about here or youtube. Sorry for the confusion. But I did pay using paypal though.
  6. Oh ok I misread I thought you said eBay, some cosigment shops do have eBay shops as well. If you did in fact pay through pay pal I am pretty sure you can still file an item received not as described claim. Also if you used PayPal via a credit source not bank account you have extra protection of the credit card charge back if things do get ugly. Again unfortunately not knowing the site makes it hard to give advice but with that said you will know what you need to do once the cosigment shop gets back to you. I would check with your credit card company to see what time frame you have to do a chargeback if needed.

    Also Sending returns to an authenticate dept before issuing refunds may just be common practice for this shop and maybe no panic is necessary.
  7. It could be that they sent out the wrong item to the wrong buyer. If item is not as described and even the date code is wrong, they should be able to fix it. If they refuse then file a claim with your cc company.
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  8. I used paypal and credit card is the
    I used paypal and the source is my cc not debit or bank. Anyways, the shop's name is the realreal.
  9. I think you are panicking prematurely. If that's what they sent you, and you sent it back immediately in the same condition, you'll be fine. You paid via paypal and with a cc so there really is no reason to worry.
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  10. I think so too. Lol. Thank you so much
  11. Any updates?
  12. If it's a consignment shop we are familiar with, we may be able to help you since we would be familiar with their customer service....
  13. I don't want to alarm you and in sure it will be fine but I don't understand why they would need to send it to their authenticating team. Usually with returns they are simply returned to the company. I would be worried that the date code didn't match what you ordered. I tend to be a worrier though. Good luck in the outcome.