Please help me decide

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  1. I really want the delightful mm in azur with the pink lining. In order to fund it I need to sell something. The two that I can sell are the pochette Metis or speedy b 30 in de. (I'm not trying to sell here) I have a 14 month old that I just started putting a few items of his into my own purse as well. Which would you sell?
  2. Sophie's Choice!

    It would break my heart to sell the Pochette Métis... such an awesome bag! :nogood:
    But in your situation, that might be the only thing you can do since the Speedy is roomier to fit your kid's stuff.

    I would just not buy the Delightful! :P

  3. Why not buy the delightful? I love the pink inside with the azur lol
  4. Will you miss the Speedy or the Pochette Métis when you sell one of them?
    If not, then go ahead, sell and buy the Delightful.

    If yes, then I would hold on to my Speedy and PM, and buy the Delightful when I have the funds a little later.
  5. I love the speedy
  6. I second this.

    I have a Pochette Metis and a Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene - they're two of my favorite bags and I can't imagine parting with either of them.

    However, in your situation, if you want the Delightful and you have to sell one, the Pochette Metis should be the one to go. The Speedy B 30 in Damier Ebene is both spacious and worry-free.
  7. I sold my PM to fund something else and immediately regretted it :sad: I've repurchase

  8. I actually saw on another thread the neverfull azur coming out in the pink lining... That would be the perfect mom bag
  9. Are you trying to get the Delightful in the hot pink from last year or the new pink that's coming out? Just wondering.. I'm kinda excited to see this as well! :biggrin:
    I'd prob sell the one you use least between the 2. That would be up to you.

  10. I didn't know there was a new pink coming in that one too! When are they coming out?
  11. End of March/beginning of April. It's like a soft pink/Rose Ballerine color. Were you talking about the hot pink in your previous post?

  12. Yea I saw it on the website the other day but doesn't seem to let you click on it today

  13. Honestly, I wouldn't sell the Metis or the Speedy B 30 for the Delightful if I were you. I have a 18m old and I recently sold all my shoulder bags (besides the Neverfull for traveling) and got a bag that can be carried cross body. I find it's a lot easier carrying a cross body bag when you have a toddler with you. I don't ever put any kids stuff in my bag, instead I use the Skip Hop backpack (it's really small and light) for her water bottle, diapers, baby wipes, etc. I can leave the backpack in my car trunk (instead carrying everything in my bag) when we're just picking up a thing or two at Target or something. Also, you'd have to "baby" the DA more than the Monogram and DE.

  14. Yea I see what your saying just today I packed everything and then some in a basket in the back of my car for all my baby things and carried my artsy and it wasn't bad. I just read that the neverfull is coming in azur with the pink lining. I just love the combo lol I was actually thinking the Metis is good for date nights etc but I find I never go for the speedy because of the small opening.

  15. If it's something that you love, then go for it. I'd sell the one that you rarely use. Good luck!!