Please help me decide!!!

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Which one should I get

  1. French Blue First w/ regular hardware

  2. Marine Part Time w/ GH

  3. Marine City w/ GH

  4. Marine Day w/ GH

  5. Marine Hobo w/ GH

  6. Something not listed

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm finally going to take the plunge and get my second B-bag but I'm having major difficulties deciding :shame:

    I've been dying for a French Blue first w/ regular hardware since December and I was sure I was going to get one as soon as I had the funds. But recently I've been drooling over the Marine with giant hardware. To complicate matters I can't decide what size/shape I like for the Marine - Part Time, City, Day, or Hobo :confused1:. I only have a budget for one so getting several is not an option.

    Now for a little background info:
    For spring/ summer I think I will mostly be wearing navy, yellow, and white - very nautical - as well as my usual uniform of black and grey.
    I'm tall (5'8") but don't like huge bags. I have a twiggy currently and I don't want anything too large.

    Please help me decide!!!:yes:
  2. I vote Giant Marine City. The Part Time & Day will probably be too big for you if you don't want anything too large. You might like the new hobo, but the City is a classic shape....
  3. Your wardrobe sounds like it would work best with Marine. And I agree with fiatflux, the City is probably the best size for you, unless you really like the width of your Twiggy, in which case maybe the PT?
  4. Ditto, I think that the marine will best match what you plan to wear this spring and summer. Personally, I actually prefer the french blue, but it might not go with as many outfits. Good luck and please let us know which bag you decide to buy.
  5. I voted for Marine City with GH! :drool:
  6. ^^ Me, too. Gorgeous bag and goes well w/your wardrobe.
  7. Marine would be really cute with nautical colors. I voted for Marine City!
  8. Looks like the city is winning so far. Thanks to all of you who voted already :flowers:

    I'm curious - for those of you who voted "something not listed" - what do you suggest?
  9. French Blue in First size because regular HW
  10. Opps. I voted for the part time but you might think it is a big bag. I love that marine color, though.
  11. mmm.. I think the marine works well with your wardrobe.. but I think the GH looks better proportioned on bigger bags, but you don't really want a bigger bag. My suggestion would've been a Marine Work with GH, but if not... of something on your list I may pick the Part-time. However.. if you're thinking re-sell value.. then the city is much more popular than the part time right...
  12. I should have mentioned that resale value isn't something I'm worried about. I keep my bags for life.
  13. I voted Marine Day with GH. As much as I love the GH, I think it dwarfs the bag a little and therefore looks best on bigger bags. That's why I'd opt for the PT over the City. But PT is pretty big and some people find the size a little awkward. I'm not a fan of the new style hobo. That leaves Marine Day. I love that bag and color!
  14. I voted Marine Part Time with GH. If not that then go for Marine City with GH.
  15. I vote Giant Marine Part Time.
    IMO, GH looks good on PT while RH looks good on CITY.