please help me decide which LV I should get??

  1. Hi ladies, I really need your opion on this one coz my SA in Amsterdam just confirmed me that there will be a price increasing starting at the beginning of July.... (next week:sad:)
    I am still a college student so I hope these bags are big enough to carry my stuff. I don't have many books to carry with though.

    So my dilemma is:

    Monograam Speedy 30
    Mini Lin speedy Ebene

    thx a lot!
  2. Mini Lin Speedy! It's light and fits a lot!
  3. Mini Lin or BH depending on how many books you carry. You mentioned not a lot, but the BH is much more of a tote so it lends itself to school more than a speedy, but the Mini Lin is super cute. I would base it on how much you carry and decide between those 2...
  4. if you want it for school then get the Batignolles Horizontal. i used it for school, and trust me, you'll be grateful when you have a lot of things to carry and you can put the bag on your shoulder :lol:
  5. I agree ^^ - get the BH. If you need to carry stuff, then you need this bag.
  6. For school, I would go with the BH.
  7. BH - It's a great all-around bag.

  8. ita
  9. I love the BH, even if you're not carrying books, it's still a really practical bag.
  10. BH!!:yahoo:
  11. BH is a great bag.
  12. this really is a very hard choice, i love all three bags.

    i'll choose BH for school.
  13. my vote goes to BH.
  14. It looks like the BH is the most favorite bag at this forum ... However I am leaning towards one of the speedy (or both :nuts:). And yes, the BH is more practical for school usage... wahahahah.. still dunno :sad:
  15. I vote for a BH!

    A Speedy is great, but its hand held and with books and paper, binders, etc. its can get quite heavy and might not as practical as a shoulder bag. =)

    I think you should get both ! ;D It never hurts to have two staple bags.