Please Help Me Decide! So Many Options!


Please Help ME Decide!!!

  1. Large Denim Cotton Carly

  2. Multi Stripe Shoulder Tote (one strap)

  3. Sig Stripe Tote (darker Blue - off Ebay)

  4. Legacy Ali - Whiskey

  5. Legacy Ali - Black

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  1. Large Denim Cotton Sig Carly
    Multi Stripe Shoulder Tote
    Sig Stripe Tote (darker Blue - on eBay)
    Legacy Ali Whiskey
    Legacy Ali Black

    I hope I am doing this right - I am trying to post a POLL to have y'all vote to see which bag you think I should end up with! I have the Large Denim Carly, but am trying to decide if I should keep it or get one of the other options listed above?!?! The Legacy Ali (as with the blue Sig Stripe Tote) I would most likely be getting off of eBay - for less than retail. The Multi Stripe I could get with the F&F discount next week. Don't know if the Denim Carly will be available next week for the F&F, but if not I COULD get another Sig Carly (like black or brown?!?!)
  2. The multi stripe is gorgeous and selling a lot, popular bag! But I just ordered the sig stripe tote in crimson and almost got a blue one instead because that blue is GORGEOUS. I'd say one of those two, and maybe lean towards the sig stripe tote with that fabulous blue colour.
  3. Thanks for your opinion :smile:SO, a no-go any Carly or Legacy? I definitely know I could get the Sig Stripe Totes for WAYYYY cheaper!!! The only hesitation about the blue stripe from eBay is the TWO handles/straps instead of one. i am afraid they may fall off, where the ONE strap fits great. Hmmm?!!? But, the Blue stripe would go more year-round than the multi stripe, don't you agree?
  4. blue sig stripe!!
  5. i love the denim carly & hope to be buying it soon!
  6. I tried the whiskey Ali tonight for the first time and I LOVE it! That gets my vote.
  7. I'm partial to the brown Signature Carly in Saddle. :biggrin:
  8. I love Carly but I'd get the cheaper tote then splurge on another smaller bag or accessories for the Carly price :smile: But that's just me!!!

    I've tried the sig stripe tote on in the store, I'm usually a one-strap fan but these straps are thin and they stay in place very well!

    I also think that the blue could be used more than the multi-stripe, true, that's why I ordered the crimson instead of the multi stripe when I got my tote-- thinking I could use it beyond spring and summer. good thinking! Good luck making your decision!
  9. carly :graucho:....its calling your name! :lol:
  10. See...that is my dilema, too. I am Soooo NOT a big spender when it comes to ANYTHING really. $400+ on a bag is LOTS (especially when I like to change out and get new stuff, too). I LOVE the denim Carly but unless I can get it at the F&F sale she may be headed back to the store. :sad: We'll see.
    Oooohhhh...I totally forgot to add THIS choice to the Poll: The Hamptons (larger) Weekend Tote in the new BLUE color!!!!
  11. I voted for both the carly and the blue sig tote. I'd have a hard time choosing between those two. I'm not a fan for the mutli-stripe line, so that's not even a contender for me. Price aside, I think it all depends on if you want a signature bag or leather.