please help me decide, reade pm framboise, pomme, or rivet pochette??

  1. Hi, I am new to forum. i am looking for small everyday bag that can just fit little essentials, i cant decide between these 3: reade pm in framboise or pomme, ( i love both colors) or riveting pochette??:confused1: they all about the same price... my fellow tpf members, pls help me decide... thank you in advance!!! :yes:
  2. Welcome to TPF!:flowers: Reade PM will definitely hold a lot more than the Riveting pochette. If you decide to use it everyday. I go with the pochette, maybe you could get a small Vernis Pomme d'amour wallet to go with it. Good luck!
  3. I'll go for the Riveting pochette - but I'm an older lady and feel a little too girly wearing Reade pm :roflmfao:
    Reade holds a lot more though :yes:
    Guess I was not very helpfull :push:
  4. My vote is for the Framboise Reade PM. I love the color.
  5. I love the riveting pochette!!
  6. I just got a bronze reade last month and I really like it. It is a cute little bag that can actually hold a lot and it is so pretty. Totally adds to your outfit.

    If you're one that throws their bag around the Reade may be a problem as things may fall out. I fall under this category but so far have been okay (maybe because I pack my things in there!).
  7. i like the riveting pochette. the reade pm IMO looks like a lunch bag...
  8. I vote for pomme reade! It'll hold more than the riveting pochette. And the color is TDF!
  9. Hmmm .... my vote goes to the Framboise Reade.

    It is such a beautiful color. :love:
  10. thank you everybody, very appreciate your input!!!.. the voting kinda even now.. i like all 3 bags.. hmm. but cant buy all those.. i dont have framboise color and like it soo much, i have pomme porte wallet, so probably its nice to match with the reade pomme, but again, the riveting pochette is LE item and i love it too... what a hard choice.. i always bought med-large size lv bags, never have pochette......
  11. I think it would help to know what you have in your collection so far, and which of those things makes your heart leap! And you you have a standard go-to bag?
  12. I would go with either the Framboise Reade or the the riveting pochette...... or both? :p

    Actually, since you said you don't have a pochette yet, then maybe you should go for the LE one if you like it. The pochette is a great bag to use if your just running to the store or out to eat / bar / club. I just got a regular mono one myself and I love it.

    If you really want something in the framboise color how about an accessory? Like a cles or a small ring agenda?
  13. Reade PM in Pomme! It is TDF!!
  14. pomme!
  15. Rivet Pochette! :yes: