Please help me decide my collection...

  1. hi ladies,

    I started collecting CLs a few months back and so far, I have a Nude Patent VP, Gold leather VP and a Beige Simple Pump. I would like to add a few more pairs and eventually have a well rounded collection that I can wear for years to come. I'm contemplating of adding the 110mm Nude Patent yoyo to my collection. Although I love the way nude color looks on me, I'm not too sure if I should invest in another nude shoes or if I should hold off and purchase other classic CLs? If I don’t get the nude yoyos, what other classic styles and colors should I get? I would like to add 3 more pairs before I try calling it quits...:s

    Thanks in advance for all your inputs, ladies! :smile:
  2. My vote for your next 3:
    1. Rolando, wine red
    2. Simple, black
    3. Yoyo, patent, nude

  3. I'd say no CL collection is complete with black patent! Maybe Rolando in black patent? Or Decollete if you can find them.

    I'm so jealous of your nude patent VP:love:
  4. A simple in a nice bright color can be a great pop of color. I also agree about needing a black simple pump and a rolando or decclic in a color.
  5. ^^^I agree--black patent looks so striking with the red sole--gotta have it! (I also :heart:the nude patent VP!)
  6. I think you are covered in the nude department. Definitely black patent, or the wine rolandos are stunning.
  7. You need a pair of Decolletes, Pigalle and a pair of boots!
  8. thanks for all your suggestions, ladies!

    babypie and snowwhite, I scored the nude patent vp in a few months back. A tpf member tipped off about this shoe but my size was already gone by the time I got to the website. I had a feeling that shoe will appear, I kept refreshing that page every 20 minutes like a mad person for about 6 -7 hours! Finally, my sized appeared again and I grabbed it instantly :smile:. I've never worked so hard for a pair of shoes before...:sweatdrop:

    Well, that's partly a reason I'm thinking if I should add the nude patent yoyos to my collection as I'm afraid I might regret for not getting them when they're still available...but at the same time, I'm not sure if I need another nude shoes when I only want to add another 3 more pairs....uurgghh..decisions, decisions, decisions...

    xnplo and dls80ucla, wine rolando sounds you know if they still available in the stores or do I have to stalk eBay for that?

    chins4 and javaboo, I heard Decolletes are not very comfy? Is that true?

    ronsdiva, for some reason, I've never had any luck with the black patent simple pump :sad:. I ordered a pair of black patent simple pump from footcandy once but they ended up sending me 2 different heel heights...then, I ordered another from BG, and the shoe was such a poor quality that I had to send them back. I gave up on black patent and ended up getting the beige leather simple pump instead.

    Please continue rolling in the ideas, ladies!:idea:
  9. I recently started my CL collection and I have the nude patent VPs, Glitter/gold NP, Lady Gres, Come black leather boot, Lapano black suede bootie, brown suede Castillana and the following styles:

    My votes for you to add.....see pics
    • Rolando dark red patent (check with NM stores - you can find them)
    • Electric blue suede Declic (available on Barney's website NOW)
    • Black patent VP - a classic! (call CL boutiques or net-a-porter)
    • An animal print or reptile - Leopard, tiger, lizard, python
    • Activa strappy sandal - (eBay)
    IMG_2212.JPG IMG_2341.JPG IMG_2011.JPG IMG_2152.JPG IMG_2075.JPG
  10. Mine hurt the first 2 or 3 wears, but they are now fine. The leather is very soft and moulds nicely while breaking in.:smile:
  11. I would add:
    - nudes patent yoyo's 110 (it's too beautiful too pass)
    - black simple pump 100
    - smth in python or other eyecatcher in the NP's (so you have a slingback)

    + maybe a bootie or boots for later

    I like the Rolandos but they are less "classic" but a beautiful shoe especially in thr dark red
  12. Thanks to the ladies here, I have a wine rolando on it's way and I've pre-ordered the black patent VP! I'm really excited waiting for these 2 pairs to arrive. Now, I'm a tad confused if i should get the nude yoyo or if I should invest in a different pair? Can one have too many nude shoes? ;) At the same time, since I already have the nude color in the VP style and I've limited myself to only add 2 more CLs to my collection(I know!), should I be satisfied with the one nude pair I have? uuuhhh...I'm so confused :confused1:
  13. Maybe a nude in a closed-toe style... like a decollete?
    If you are looking keep your collection small--for now--then I think nude Yoyos will be too similar to nude VPs.