PLEASe help me decide my 1st!!

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  1. Im am stuck deciding and was wondering if you guys could help me... I dont live near a store so I am stuck with pictures only... its between
    -neverfull mm
    -galliera pm
    -tivoli gm
    I would appreciate this!!!
    these are in mono by the way
  2. HUGE fan of the nf=) nf mm gets my vote. my favorite size is the gm though. is that something you're considering?
    galleria is also ok. don't like the look as much as the nf though.
  3. Definitely the Galliera PM!
  4. Not a big fan of the NF, I like the Tivoli a lot, but for your first bag I'd go for the Galliera hand down! Good luck with your decision, be sure to post pics when you get one!
  5. Galliera!
  6. Galliera PM
  7. i would consider the nf gm... but it looks huge!
  8. Hmmm, I guess I will say the NF... I have 2 and love them... But on the other side, a Galleria is on my whislist.... I think there is a bit price difference between NF and Galleria, so if its your first LV, I think my vote is go for a NF and maybe a SLG....
  9. My goodness... I never thought it would be this hard :thinking:
  10. Tivoli
  11. I like the look of the Tivoli, but not an everyday and functional bag. The NF and Galilera would be the best choice for an everyday bag. if u only had to choose then it would be the Galilera. Good luck on choosing your first bag.
  12. I think the Neverfull. I have had the Tivoli and Galliera, and sold them both.
  13. thxs guys... i think ive narrowed it down to the nf or the galliera
  14. i prefer the neverfull
  15. Galliera for sure!!!!