Please help me decide - Bottega or Nancy Gonzalez

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  1. Hi, can you please help me decide between these bags...keep in mind that I don't NEED anything. I just have a serious handbag problem. So, I'm between the Bottega Veneta Sloane bag in dark, dark brown...see the lighter brown version here:

    Or the beautiful Nancy Gonzalez in cappucino brown, shown here:

    What would you do? For these prices, I want a bag that will last a lifetime and that I won't get sick of...any opinions?

    thank you!
  2. Bottega any day!!!
  3. I say Bottega too!

    Great choices!
  4. BV for sure!
  5. Hi, it's me again - thank you all so much! I posted this a few minutes ago and already have responses. I have looked through the site before, but this was my first post and I'm so grateful to find people who are as crazy about purses as I am! thanks again! I love this! take care.
  6. I'll vote for the Nancy Gonzalez, more interesting and no one else will have it.
  7. i do not like exotic skins AT ALL so iw ould never ever go with the croc one

    the BV for sure if for no other reason then this :smile:
  8. I like the NG, but I'm a sucker for croc!
  9. I like them both quite a bit but if pressed I'd get the BV.

  10. Nancy Gonzales. She makes very unique bags. Love her designs.
  11. I vote for BV, you can use it for a life time.
  12. Another vote for BV from me - one of the easier choices on TPF, I love that BV bag!

  13. Check it out on Bluefly today-use the code shop337 for an extra 20% off-on top of the site extra 15% off just today. I just bought one myself today-not that style though.

    [​IMG]This is the one that I got...:yes:

    I do like the looks of the NG better than the BV only because of the shape.
  14. Both gorgeous. But BV wins.
  15. BV. I think it's more classic than croc.