Please help me choose used bag for work

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  1. Dear fellow TPFers, I’m looking for a used Old Céline bag for work.
    I have a Micro Belt and a Small Vertical Cabas, and I really like them for summer. However, in winter I tend to carry more stuff (definitely a scarf, quite possibly a cardigan, a water bottle, packed lunch, a few pieces of fruit.. basically my life.) Space for yoga wear or swimming gear is a plus.
    I take the train to work and only walk for 2 x ten minutes. Weight is therefore only a slight worry.

    These are some of the bags currently listed in my area. If they pass autentication, which styles would you recommend?

    I could buy a new (new-logo) Cabas Phantom og Small Big Bag, but I would have to wait and save up for those. I haven’t seen any used ones locally.

    As for colour, I don’t really care, but would prefer a bag I don’t have to baby.
    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Mini Luggage in Tan

    Mint and green All Soft

    Black Grained Mini Belt

    Blue Python Phantom

    Moss Green trifold

    Black Tie

    Beige Nubuck croc-embossed Phantom F7C4FC11-04B5-4C76-B713-23E90A7F3FE1.jpeg
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  2. OMG!! Blue Python Phantom!!!
    so awsome
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  3. I’d pick the mini luggage or mini belt bag.
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  4. I know. It looks so great, but is it too big/too heavy/too blue? And will the scales preventiv it from being a bag in daily use?
  5. These are good workhorses I think. Especially the tan Luggage looks fine. I like how the Luggage gets a 70s vibe in tan leather.
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  6. Mini belt or black tie. Phantom is really heavy on its own already.
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  7. Thank you for your input NYinTO. Is the Phantom heavier than the Tie?
  8. The Tan Luggage looks lovely! If the weight does not deter you:smile:
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  9. I think that the Mini Luggage is a perfect work bag. But it seems to be in the natural calfskin leather which is really prone to scratches so I don't think the leather works to use it as an everyday bag. I think you'd be happier with the black pebbled leather which holds up a lot better, even though the tan is beautiful.

    Same goes for the python phantom. It's a beautiful bag and that colour is just to die for, but I wouldn't recommend a python leather for everyday either but you did already mention that. Exotic leathers are a bit harder to care for and usually are a lot more expensive than their regular leather versions so you'd probably not want to ruin a super expensive bag
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  10. Thank you for your input.
    Does anyone know whether the Mini Luggage and the Tie weigh approx. the same?
  11. Hi @Castor You have presented great options for daily work/commute bag. Now I'm coming at you from a guy's perspective. Have you thought of the Sangle bag? It's sharp rectangular shape screams adult and professional while the thicker strap exudes comfort. I love thick guitar straps on bags and I buy third party guitar straps to replace some of my bag straps. I uploaded a picture and they come in a plethora of colors! I don't personally have one but I love the black one when I saw it in Harrod's when i visited London three weeks ago. Happy hunting!

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  12. Thank you I think you’re right regarding the python and everyday wear. It’s just so delicious :idea:, but it’s probably better to save the Python for a smaller bag for special occacions.

    As for the Mini Luggage, is it really natural calfskin leather? I don’t mind a few scratches if it develops a nice patina, but will definitely look into a few grained options too.
  13. Thank you for you input lxrac. I do like the Sangle Seau and I share your view on the professional appearance of the bag. There just isn’t a used Old Céline one about locally, which is a shame.
  14. I thought the logos on natural calfskin bags are heat stamped without any color like the one shown in the attached photo.

    Nonetheless scratches on natural calfskin will fade over time so there isn’t too much to worry about!

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  15. Actually the black tie looks yummy too! Has it lost its shape?
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