Please, help me choose the next member of my MBMJ family!

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2012
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    Some of you may know how I long to get the Hillier in currant, but while my dream combo hasn't show up, I have a chance to lay my hands on one of these bags:

    1) Hillier in Faded Aluminum.
    I already wrote how sad it was to miss this bag on sale for $300, and now it appeared on eBay NWOT for $350. It's not the best price for a bag which comes without a dustbag, and the price is not much lower than retail, but FA is one of my favorite colors among everything MJ ever released, and the style's just what I'm looking for. I know I will get a lot of use out of this bag - it seems to be ideally sized and comfortable to wear, and the color will compliment absolutely everything in my wardrobe. My only concern (aside from authenticity, which I will discuss with you in another thread) is the fact that I already have MBMJ gray bag in similar size and style... Or do you guys think Hillier in FA is different enough from the Fran in Mink? I remember someone posted here a picture of Mink and FA together, and the latter seemed much darker, which is very good for fall and winter... So, I'm about to buy this bag, but there's another one calling for me -

    2) Baby Groovee in Currant.
    Yeah, the beautiful Currant - the color I've been searching for, which seems to be more rare now than FA. It is plain GORGEOUS! And Baby Groovee was my second MBMJ crush - I've been drooling over this bag for months, but finally decided that it will be too small for me and not very functional cause I'm not sure it can be worn comfortably on a shoulder with the short straps...

    Now I'm sort of leaning towards Hillier, esp. cause the price is almost the same, but will I forgive myself for missing this amazing color and getting the bag which is similar to the one I have instead? I wish I could afford both, but guess it's not an option now, since I bought Missoni for my mom's birthday and purple MK bag for myself (hope I'll love it IRL)...

    Sorry for being sooo long, but I hope you guys can help me somehow.:smile:
    What do you think?
    marc-by-marc-jacobs-faded-aluminum-classic-q-hillier-hobo-2.jpeg marc-by-marc-jacobs-currant-classic-q-baby-groovee-satchel-leather-purple-product-2-110477-6056.jpeg
  2. well, i have a baby groovee and i'm obsessed with this style, so i might be a little bit biased over this question. cause if i were u, i wouldn't hesitate to pick baby groovee. but to be fair, we should see what type of bag are you looking for, As a matter of fact, I've heard a lot of good reviews from the people who own hiller hobo, but i have never been a big fan of this style...just not my type. i like satchel/ structured bags much better than the slouchy ones. well...that's just me. you should figure out which one is more your style. i own a baby groove and that's my all time most favorite bag so far. i don't usually carry it around and i just wear it on weekends and for important events, since it's my fanciest bag so far. i've got a dozen of others with long shoulder straps which are so practical and roomy for my everyday use. SO, if you are looking for a casual everyday bag which has enough room to carry all your stuff, i recommend hiller , because baby groovee is more kind of a classic type. but if you need something cute that you want to wear from time to time and baby it as one of your favorite bags, i recommend baby groovee which is really adorable.
  3. Groovee
    Love the color, love the shape.
    I'm not a hobo person, so I've never cared for the other one.
  4. Thanks for your input, ladies!
    Sarah, what about Groovee as a shoulder bag?
  5. actually i never applied the shoulder strap on my baby groovee, but i read in the tpf that it doesn't stand very well, i think the groovee is more like a handle bag than a shoulder bag.

  6. No, I meant, do you carry it on your shoulder with the short handles? Are they long enough for it?
  7. Oh i see.. actually not.. the handles are small and the bag style is somehow that the longer handles would look odd on it and it would also stand weird on the shoulder... maybe groovee, but baby groovee handles are too small to be carried on the shoulder.
  8. That's a bit sad - I swear I remember some reviewers claiming that they were able to wear the bag on a shoulder, but it was a bit tight. Anyway, now I think it's not too bad: I already have a lot of big and tiny bags, so small/medium satchel could be a nice change.
    Just found a video that totally convinced me to buy Baby Groovee in Currant - OMG, it's so cute! :love:
  9. well, i guess if you push the bag toward your body, it will fit under the shoulder somehow, but it will stand a little bit odd, like trying to fit into smaller shoes than your size, you know? i think the bag stands up so much more beautiful and eye catching if when you hold it on your elbow. especially if you are a satchel fan like me ;)
    the bag in currant color looks so adorable on the video ... i think you should go for the baby groovee ,you won't regret it. it's so chic and yet simple.
  10. I prefer the Hillier and I love FA. Don't think you would regret it! I've never seen Currant in real life but it kind of reminds me of carob brown. if you want a dark purple/wine bag I would recommend that colour :smile:
  11. I knew some of the Hillier lovers would post here!:smile:
    Unfortunately, the seller finally refused to ship to my country, but now I'm eyeing another Hillier - in Smoke, which is very similar to FA, and only for $199 so far! Looks like a great deal, but I also have to ask him about shipping...
    Do you really think Currant is close to Carob Brown? The latter seems such a mysterious color, I still can't figure out how it looks in reality, and afraid of it being too brown... But since Shopbop offers 20% off... :graucho:
  12. I have a Hillier in carob brown and all my friends thought it was purple/wine in colour, no one believed me when I said that it was listed as brown. I think it looks so similar to the eggplant/currant that I actually thought you had the wrong picture first;) But the again, I've never seen that colour in real life.
  13. Yay, that's so good to know.:nuts: Why did I buy dark purple MK then? Damn all that "deals"! :lol:
  14. I would go for the hillier, I just feel like it would be more functional!
    You can't ever go wrong with a hobo bag
    But I do have a wristlet in currant and I absolutely looooove the colour :heart: :drool:
  15. I really love the Hillier! :tup: