Please help me choose QUICK!!

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Which cles do I choose?

  1. Damier Cles $150

  2. Mono Cles $150

  3. Vernis Cles Framboise $200

  4. Vernic Cles Perle $200

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi fellow PFer's!

    I am going crazy:wlae: ...all of sudden this very moment I feel like buying a cles, so I'm going to go to LV SF in a couple of hours and hopefully purchase one! :yahoo: So I need help in choosing one, preferable one that would look cute clipped on to my Damier Speedy and in the future my Azur Speedy :yes: . I've already put in a order for a Damier Pochette Marais, whic should be coming in next I may stray away from the damier help me choose please! Thank you all so much and see what a "BAD" influence you all have on me! I wasn't on planning on getting one any time soon :shame: but I guess that changed all of a sudden :girlsigh:

    here are the pics of the four choices...omg, if only they had the rouge vernis...I'd die
    cles - damier.jpg cles - mono.jpg cles - vernis framboise.jpg cles - vernis perle.jpg
  2. Framboise
  3. I know...bagnbags...I'm leaning towards that is soooo pretty!
  4. framboise! def. of those choices, the only other one I would consider is mandarin epi...
  5. I looove the framboise color - get the framboise!
  6. this one, the color is TDF:

  7. I is my fav color afterall...:tender:
  8. Framboise!
  9. Framboise
  10. Framboise
  11. :yahoo: okay everyone! thanks for the comments! OFF TO LV I GOOO!!! See you all this afternoon!!:yahoo:
  12. if you are attaching to your damier speedy i hope you get the regular monogram canvas since i think the colors would be better coordinated. i am sure anything you select wil be lovely, just my 2 cents. good luck. queen
  13. I'm going with the Vernis in Framboise! :heart:
  14. Can't wait to see which one you get ! ;)
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