please help me choose one!! (poll)


if you only can have one what would you choose? (let's say the price is the same)

  1. chloe edith in red

  2. LV batignolles horizontal

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  1. i know i'm comparing apple to orange but please help me out. if you were to only have one at this moment, which one would you choose - chloe edith in rouge(red) or LV bagtinolles horizontal?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    oh and please do not consider the price, let's just say they cost about the same to be fair.

  2. I'd prefer LV bagtinolles;p
    i dun really like edith in rouge tho..just my 2cents.hehe
  3. i'm not a huge LV fan sry :smile:
  4. Chloe is my choice:yahoo:
  5. i voted chloe.

    i love the personality of the chloe; it's a beautiful color. i'm a believer that red can possibly really go with almost everything (except green). i'm also a fan of pockets. although i like the handles on the LV - seems easier to tote around... ack, good luck!
  6. I have to go with the BH. I love Chloes, but not this particular style with the larger contrasting stitching. The BH is a durable, fabulous bag with comfortable shoulder straps (it doesn't look like the Choe's handles would be so great on the shoulder). And the patina means it will only get more beautiful the longer you use it.
  7. If I remember correctly the Edith has a zip top but is not a very good over the shoulder bag. The batignolles is a good over the shoulder bag but has no zip top. Which one meets your needs more? For me anything that has a zip top wins so I would go with the Edith.
  8. Chloe hands down.
  9. chloe! even though i do like the batignolles horizontal
  10. I vote for BH. Just not a big fan of the Edith style.
  11. thank you everyone who voted/commented. it sure is a dilemma cuz i like both but each has pros and cons and i can't make up my mind!
  12. Love them both, but I'll have to lean more towards Chloe!
  13. I voted for the BH...though I love the Chloe I think the BH would get more use from me. It has more room and fits nicely over the shoulder.
  14. I would go for the Chloe as well. I've tried on the Edith in that color, and it's just a great bag, imo. Looks good with everything. I guess the LV would as well, but I still vote for the Chloe. Good luck with your decision. You really can't go wrong. ;)
  15. I'm not digging the stitching on the Chloe, so I vote for the LV...