Please help me choose my next chanel bag

  1. I have shorten my Chanel list down to three bags...the Envelope flap....the Ladybraid... and the Sharpei....I know I will eventually own all three...However at this time I can only afford one....and I am torn as to which bag I should purchase first....Please share your opinions of which should be my next purchase...Thanks
  2. My vote would be the Lady Braid. It is the more classic Chanel of the three, and the leather is divine!
  3. I own the Sharpei flap, so I will be quite biased.

    Which ladybraid and which Sharpei, may I ask? If you can let us know the specific model (not just the line), then I guess people can give better opinion..
  4. i don't own any but saw them all in Saks santa barbara and i must say the lady braid in the blue they! :heart:
  5. ^ITA. The Sharpei ligne is lovely, but it's not so much an every day bag. My vote's for the lady braid!
  6. i have the envelope and don't blame me for being partial, but that's my kinda style ;) i love understated chic!
  7. While I would gladly take any of them, especially the big sharpei tote :smile: my vote is for the lady braid as well.
  8. They are all great bags, but I like the Lady Braid best
  9. one more for the lady braid!:yes:
  10. I agree!:tup:
  11. i like the envelope
  12. Lady Braid!
  13. another vote for Lady Braid