Please help me choose my first PRADA!!!

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Which bag?

  1. 1st. Old lady but classy

  2. 2nd. Modern & simple

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So, I have decided my next everyday bag has to be one of these two. I really like them both and I've been asking everyone and it seems like it's a 50-50 so far. So please help me decide. I've been trying to decide which one would be best (for weeks now) but I really can't decide. So here I am asking the experts! My fellow tPFs! Because I can always can on you guys! That's why I love this forum sooo much!

    So here are the choices. Please keep in mind I will be getting it in black.

    1st. Prada Cervo Tote

    Likes: I like it because it fits over my shoulder (I tried it on at saks). It has a top zipper closure and it's very lady like! I think it would go well with my casual dressing (I like the constrast).

    Dislikes: I feel like the shape it's like a bit too mature. I'm afraid I might look like an old lady (well I am 29, but 29 it's not that old right:biggrin:)
    Also, the price is higher than the first one (this is $1250, the other one is $995)

    2nd. Prada Cervo Tote

    Likes: It looks modern. And simple, which I love! It looks practical and the price is great at $995.

    Dislikes: It doesn't have a top zipper closure. Also I don't know if it would fit over my shoulder because they don't have it in-stores yet so I haven't been able to try it on. Also, it was available at and it sold out already. So they might not even get it in stores.

    So what do you guys think???

    Thanks in advance!!

    Pics are from
  2. i have the second one and love it. if you check under the thread that i've started called The 25th birthday bag i have modeling shots on page 3 :smile:
  3. #3 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    ^^^Thanks for the tip I am gonna check it out right now!

    Edit: I think you got the larges size since the measurements are somewhere around 18 x 14. And this one is 14 x 14.
    Since I am gonna be wearing everyday, I prefer the smaller size which is still pretty big! lol

    Question, does it fit over your shoulder? If not, do you find it annoying that it doesn't???

  4. I'd go for the second one too.
  5. Another vote for the 2nd!!!!
  6. i actually like the 1st one... not big on the secnd one.
  7. The second one looks better shapewise and colorwise, IMO :smile:
  8. I like the classy bag, which I think will stand the test of time. always in style:cool:
  9. SL - yes, the one i have in my thread is the 995 one... I know prada boutiques have it :smile:
  10. I'm tending towards the first one (it is so classy and not too big). However, you can't go wrong with either one. :smile:
  11. Well do you like bigger bags or smaller? How much stuff do you tend to carry?

    I tried the first one on at Saks and LOVED it. It's so classic and chic. You will definitely feel like a classy woman wearing this bag in the crook of your arm. You can also carry over your shoulder or crossbody.

    I haven't tried the second one on irl since we don't have a boutique in our state. If you're looking for something bigger, then definitely go for the second.
  12. I like the first one. It is a beautiful bag - no way is it "old lady". It is definitely chic and I like the size. Also being able to wear it cross body without it looking huge is a good thing. I love big bags but I wouldn't wear a big bag cross body (that's just me though).
  13. Gosh, you ladies are awesome!!!
    The weird thing is that both bags are supposed to be around the same size. About 14" X 14" according to the measurements given by But dustypaws stated that hers is around 18" X 14"
    I am gonna go to the Galleria tomorrow and try to get some info.
    Again, you ladies are awesome!!!
  14. I vote for the first one. zipper top is always secure. and it's timeless.
  15. I actually had posted a thread on the first one asking if people liked it. I don't think it is old lady at all! I think it is sophisticated and classic looking.

    I like the first one the best from the pictures, but I do have a question for the ladies who have seen it irl. In the picture it looks like the top is more narrow than the bottom. I wondered if that was going to affect the ability to get in and out of the bag. I have had bags before where the top was narrow and it drove me crazy getting into the bag and finding things. Ladies???