Please Help Me Choose First Damier Ebene Purse

Which of these ebene purses you like the most?

  • Verona PM

  • Sistina PM

  • Berkeley

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Sep 27, 2010
Hello Everyone,

A while ago I asked the wonderful TPF members to help me choose between Wilshire vert impression, Kalahari, and Verona mm. With your help, I actually bought the Kalahari (stunning, almost new) and the Wilshire (I absolutely love the colour and have many things to go with it). Then I thought next year I would buy my first damier ebene purse. Unexpectedly, now I have about $1600 to spend on anything I want.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: So, I'd like your help in purchasing one of these three purses:

Verona PM (I like it, but not I am not crazy about the interior)
Sistina PM (I haven't seen this one in person. Is the PM too small? I don't like the MM and the GM is too big for me.)
Berkeley (I love this one, but have many purses of similar shape)

Could you please post some modeling pictures as well? I would greatly appreciate it.