Please help me choose a topic......

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  1. Hi you guys,
    I have a big problem I have to give a speech for my class, and I was wondering if you guys can give me any ideas/topics? I was thinking Chanel, or Louis V. since the idea is to inform, but I feel like I would be made fun of. Do you understand me? But originally I had thought about doing it on Domestic Violence, but right now, I don't know. Any ideas would be very welcome, thank you so much... :love: :love:
  2. no way! i did a speech on louis vuitton as my senior project in my AP lit class in hs! it was a hit. and it was the most fun i've ever had doing hw/research. :smile: :smile: !
  3. What class is this for Imps? What is the general subject area?

  4. It's a speech class. This would be our second speech, and she wants it to inform people. Topic can be, literally, anything. :oh:
  5. Read her bio, Coco Chanel is a very interesting person to discuss. I admire her. It will be a fun topic!
  6. History of LV would be interesting. Or discuss the true story behind counterfeiting and it's implications (child labor, economic impact, etc.) These topics can be informative/engaging (at least to us purse lovers!). Good luck!
  7. counterfeiting is a great topic. i agree. and you can bring ebay in on how they aren't doing a thing to stop it because they are the ones making the money in fees.
  8. I agree. History on LV would be most interesting. Be sure to include the products for men so it is applicable to everyone (travel trunks, cigar trunks, etc) - not just the ladies.
  9. I agree completely i think the counterfeiting would be a great speech topic. lol actually i almost did that for a presentation i had...but about a week before the due date my english teacher walked in w/ a fake LV and i was like woosh..not a good choice lol
  10. Doh!
  11. I remember once we had to talk about something we felt strongly against for a class I had. lol I almost did the paper on fakes too once, but this girl I really disliked had a fake and I knew I would so say, "Please don't buy fakes like Sally." :nuts: So, I instead did a paper on petshops.
  12. i was a debater in high school, and from my experience, the best speeches include conflict. people will get bored with an informative speech about louis vuitton or somthing; fake bags are a much better topic, though. since this is a speech class, and the speech is supposed to be informative and not pursuasive, i wouldn't take a side. you've got to represent the side of both the fakers and the authentic bag enthusiasts or you haven't reall done the assignment.

    for the fakers, i'd talk about how fake bags are a reaction against consumer culture - they think that they're beating the system by getting what most people think is an expensive bag for a cheap price. that's probably one of the only good arguments on their side - i'd include both the moral (child labor, etc.) and ethical (the value of authenticity, what fakery does to authentic culture and it's wider societal implications, etc) sides of the anti-fake argument because i think it makes for a more balanced speech than just talking about child labor.

    hope that helps! i miss debate, it was such an awesome activity.
  13. :love: :love: :love:
    Thank you guys!!!!!! All of you guys. I really appreciate that!:amuse: I think fakes will be. More engaging, and I feel really passionate about it.Maybe I should take pics of fakes, and of the real ones, and like showed them the difference.???? :idea:
  14. lol this is sooo strange i just had to give a topic for my second speech-informative..i chose tsunamis

  15. Oh my gosh, are you serious?!!!!!!:amazed: I have togive my speech next Thursday.