please help me choose a bag? :)


Apr 6, 2008
Hi Everyone!

i've been on a bag ban so have not been posting frequently. My ban has been put on hold and i really need your help in making my descision:biggrin:

i've been on a mad hunt for a funky messenger bag for ages and had initially decided on buying miu miu bow bag but having seen evryone stunning alexas i'm confused

i've looked at loads of bags and narrowed down my choice to reg oak alexa or miu miu bow bag in quartzo ( creamy golden/beige) or fumo (dark greyish-lilac).

my messenger bag needs to be a versatile colour that goes with everything. but i'm generally not a black bag person as i wear a lot of greys and blacks so i rely on my bags for injecting some colour into my outfit.

at the moment my bag collection is predominantly mulberry:
oak tooled bays
choco darwin roxy
grey patent bentley bays
aqua mabel
black jody
green balenciaga city

pros for the miu miu bow...i love the look of it and size etc, the gold hardware doesnt seem as blingy on the two shades i've chosen, the fumo colour is the most gorgeous versatile colour i've seen, plus i'd be broadening my collection from mainly mulberry and few balenciagas. altho its more expensive than alexa the bow, it really looks worth the extra bucks, the colour and hardware and style make it look twice as expensive as alexa. cons are that i'm worried about the durability of this leather, it seems a little delicate and miu miu resale is not so great and also although i love the bows on either side at the moment, after a few years wen i get older will i feel silly carrying a bag with bows on the side?...(i'm 30)

pros for mulberry oak seems like a very versatile bag, would go with loads..could be a perfect sling ang go..also the reg size is perfect for what i carry everyday, the buffalo leather lookd pretty durable, okay in rain and will age nicely etc its a nice, secure bag and looks like classic style that won't go out of fashion. for once my hubby really likes the alexa bag, so will be unlikely to hear him grumbling later. from a price point its cheaper than the bow and mulberry has best resale value imo. also i've found from my continual bag changing habit and having dabbled with other brands like chloe,dior,gucci etc i found that i always go back to mulberry, they are the ones i've mostly kept and become everyday staples, mulberry leathers are great and they don't need babying.

cons are that the alexa doesnt seem to have a big wow factor and just seems too expensive for what it is. also it'll be another mulberry and not as much variety in my collection, although thats not necessarily a bad thing.

i know this is the mulberry forum so views may be a little biased but this is the main forum that i visit so thought i'd ask for some help in descion making.

mulberry in bond st just called me today as i was on the waitlist and are currently holding a reg oak alexa for me until tommorrow so i need to decide by today as they have a massive waiting list and don't have any in store so won't keep the bag for me for any longer.

feel so silly getting stressed out about making a descision...but any suggestions or advice on either of the two bags and if it were u which would u pick?...

thanks all and sorry for waffling!


Apr 6, 2008
thanks tiree, i shud be happy the bag bans been lifted and instead i'm stressing about what to choose..xx


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Hmmm, a dilemma but a nice one to be in. Congrats on the bag ban being lifted.

I had the Miu Miu bow in cera and thought it was a seriously gorgeous bag. Quality wise it felt streets ahead of Mulberry, far more luxurious and special.
The downside was the strap was very slim and could dig in when it was worn as a messenger. The bows were the thing that made me sell mine as they felt a bit twee after a while.

I also tried the Alexa but it wasn't for me but that's purely a personal choice thing rather than anything to do with the bag.

If the Miu Miu bow came without the bows, I'd go for that any time over the Alexa. However, as it doesn't I'd probably opt for Alexa.

Ultimately I'd say go for the one that makes your heart zing!