Please help! Jumbo Flap

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  1. My SA just called me and said she received the black Chanel jumbo flap that I've been waiting for however it is a returned item because the previous buyer decided that they want a Reissue flap, should I go for it? My birthday is next week and this bag is my holy grail. Any thoughts?
  2. Why don't you call your SA and ask them to inspect the bag for you? Or ask for very specific and close photos so that you can inspect it yourself?
  3. I agree with Tutu. Have here send you a bunch of photos and also confirm that the bag is in perfect condition.
  4. She said its in perfect condition it's just the fact someone brought it home and had it for a few nights. I really want it just because of the hype of the price increase, I just don't want to rush into buying it? :sad:
  5. According to some of the ladies on the threads have said- no way will a chanel or department take in a used chanel. So buy your bag knowing it was not used and it's in perfect conidtion. Buy it.
  6. Why don't you pay for it or ask SA to hold the bag for you and go in to check it out yourself?

    You are making an commitment to the bag so make sure it is something that you like!
  7. i agree. :] Just go see it in person! If it looks totally perfect then get it!
  8. I agree ask for many pictures of the bag. Even though your sa said it is perfect. And, if you are close to the location go see it before buying it, if it makes you feel better. I don't think they would take back a
    used bag. It wouldn't keep me from buying my dream bag!!! Let us know what happens:smile:)