Please help! I'm addicted

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I bought my 1st BBag about a month ago, and ever since I have fallen in love with BBags.......:heart:
    Over a month I bought 5 of them and still looking...:graucho:
    I first bought a Black Motorcycle City, and than a Twiggy, and a Day, another motorcycle city in Sky Blue and a first...
    Now I am looking in to "colors":graucho:
    Lilac, purple, Red, Pistachio...... yummy colors......
    I am dying to buy all of them...... and I love all those coin purses too.....
    oh Ladies, please help me, I am soooooooo addicted, anyone know how to cures?
  2. Huh! Welcome the the Club of Bbag addicts. There's no Cure for it so far. Everyone here has the same problem, SORRY......;)
  3. I am wishing upon the stars that I can be accidentally lock inside of the balenciaga boutique ALL BY MYSELF! :yahoo::heart:
  4. You sounds like you need more bbags!! Enjoy it!
  5. If you are in a position where you afford it and that there are no financial problems for you then I can't see why not...
  6. OOPS! i just click on BIN for a RED motorcycle bag for $450! yay me:yahoo:!!!!!
    I REALLY REALLY need to step away from the computer

  7. Wow - great deal. Was it in good condition?
  8. EXCELLENT, didn't come with strap which i don't care since i don't use it, which make me now 6 Bbags owner! yay, i'm catching up Ladies!!!!:graucho::wlae::yahoo:
  9. Fantastic! Yep you are definately unstoppable. Have fun!
  10. Haha! You've come to the wrong place to ask for help. We all probably need some ourselves! If you're in a stable financial position to enjoy, then knock yourself out!
  11. heheh:biggrin: wishin the same thing my friend!
  12. My gosh... You´re really addicted! And I don´t think there´s a cure! LOL

  13. There is no cure. I speak from experience. You think you're done... then suddenly there's something else you MUST have.
  14. ITA!!!:roflmfao:

    ^^ me too!!!:nuts:
    Good Luck!!!
  15. Hahahha! The addiction only gets worse. I bought 5 bags in a period of 8 days. Yikes! But now I'm pretty content and can sleep without panicking that I have to go check online for new deals!