Please help ID Eva Longoria's bag from In style magazine!

  1. Can anyone please help me ID the white bag sitting on the white chair in Eva's closet from the March 2008 In Style magazine article, "No Hang- Ups" Inside Eva's amazing closet?
  2. no luck? :crybaby:
  3. No luck? :crybaby:
    No guesses?

    Anybody? :girlsigh:
  4. Sorry, no. Maybe Botkier?
    I really like her closet.
  5. I'm not sure who makes that bag. She doesn't mind carrying lower-end designers, so it's a tough one.
  6. Sorry, no idea. But gosh she has nice legs!
  7. Could it be one of the Coach legacy bags?
  8. bebe??
  9. Don't know, but it's cute! Doesn't InStyle have one of those columns you can write to to find out info like this?
  10. It's nice, but I have no idea.
  11. Sorry I can't help either
  12. I think its juicy couture
    I don't think its sold anymore though
  13. Thanks for trying! :yes:
  14. I think its Gucci. But i cant really tell, they do have a similar style bag

  15. Ok, I found it. It's actually a Juicy Couture Dog carrier.. I never put two and two together, in fact I never even noticed that her dog was in the photo, that should've clued me in right from the beginning!

    Here it is in red