please help... i think i might be scammed

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  1. hey all, i need yr opinion on this situation...

    here i go.... i recently listed a LV and it was sold.. the buyer paid immediately BUT buyer was a new user with 0 feedback and have a weird username that does not make sense..buyer uses paypal but the money is on hold..

    TODAY, i found out the buyer is no longer registered on ebay...:faint: i used signature confirmation though amount is only $140...

    so what does it mean for me? did the buyer scammed me? will i get the money?:confused1:

    please help me...:crybaby:
  2. Did you contact your buyer to ask what happened?

    Also did you inform paypal that you shipped the item and provide the tracking no?

    Apparently they will hold funds until they receive this information.

    Need more info
  3. THXS for YR FAST REPLY...

    i email buyer but no reply in 24 hrs, i am worried..

    i put the signature confirmation no. on paypal shipping info...
    how od i contatc paypal?
  4. I think as long as they paid you via PP, you might be OK. I know they will go to all lengths to try and get your money back, but lately it seems they're putting everybody's funds on hold, which is really frustrating.

    The fact that the buyer is no longer registered on sleezebay should have nothing to do with your transaction. It could mean anything—maybe they're late paying their sleezebay fees, or whatever. Just because their account is suspended, does not mean they're a scammer.

    Hang tight, I'm sure it'll end up working out in your favor.
  5. Track the item. When it shows as "delivered" call PayFoe, give them the info, and you should have the $ within 24 hours.
  6. thxs os muhc....:tup: tpf rocks:yahoo:
  7. Karmen is correct. As long as you sent to the address given in Paypal then after it is confirmed delivered then they will release the money.

    If they filed non-authorized or not-received you would still be covered under Paypal seller protection. If they file SNAD you wouldn't be.
  8. i just check paypal adn the shipping info... it was shown as delivered and signed on jan 23rd...

    so whoa do i now? i cannot find any email address to email paypal to relese the hold money...:confused1:
  9. If the buyer can't leave feedback then it will releadr at 21 days from the date of payment unless the buyer files a claim.
  10. Call PP tomorrow and provide them the tracking # that shows delivered and ask them to release your funds.