Please help! I bought from a boutique and don't have an authenticity card!


Aug 31, 2009
Today, I made my first purchase at the LV boutique in Fashion Valley, San Diego. I bought an Amarante Monogram Vernis Sarah Wallet. Before I paid, I asked the salesperson if she made sure I had everything. She said yes.

When I got home, I realized that inside the wallet, there were only two things:
1) A small, paper card that listed the outside and inside material. On the reverse side is the same thing, but in French.
2) A tiny care manual with several languages.

Now, all of this is fine and dandy, except that all my purchases at Prada come with a plastic authenticity card (like a credit card).

Am I missing something? I'm worried! Thank you. I have the receipt (and a gift receipt), but I've heard LV is infamous for stupid stuff like not letting customers return bags because of a hair inside.