Please Help!! I am SO Confused!!

  1. Okay, so I love the MIA Satchel.. #10078... I thought I would call coach CS to see if I can order it.. I give them the item#, they tell me that is for the soho satchel?? I ask about the mia, they say it brings up the leather only, and she doesn't know if they ever made a sig because they don't replace item #'s with the same #... I am sOoo confused.. I know that is the item#, from looking on eBay, in purses, and even the drilldown.. can anyone help!?!?!?! :confused1::crybaby:TIA!!! :heart:
  2. well, okay.. I found one on eBay I am hoping it's real.... I posted in the authenticate this forum last night if anyone has a quick second I would REALLY appreciate it!! :tup:
  3. I don't know anything about the Mia, but good luck, I hope you find one!!!
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Well, the Mia satchel is from the Soho line. In leather it has the braided handles and in Sig, the satchel just has regular straps. It's possible that it's known to some of the SA's as simply the "Soho satchel" rather than specifically the "Mia" satchel.
  6. oh really? it kind of concerned me because it came up under her computer as mia, but only the leather.. also I did find the satchel she was talking about (i thought) online and it had a completely different item#!! Oh well, I found one on eBay now, but that was crazy!! Thanks for the info!!