Please Help! How much is my bag worth?

  1. I'm trying to decide what to do with a bag that I acquired some time ago. It is a very large duffel-style bag and I really do not have much of a practical use for it as it is not a daily use bag. The only information I have on it is that it is from the Surpique Ligne.

    It does look a bit better now than it does in the photos as the person who had it before me stored it folded :push: but it has been hanging in my bedroom for a while now and the leather is back to a better looking shape than shown.

    Okay here are the specs:
    18" long
    10" tall
    8/9" wide
    -one zippered outside pocket that runs the entire length of the back of the bag (zipper works smoothly)
    -one inside patch pocket
    -double zippers close the bag(for locking purposes), but one is broken/missing a leather pull and there are teeth missing in the zipper itself so you cannot open/close the bag.
    -obviously used, scuffed leather but still useable, could be easily cleaned
    -all stitches are tight and none missing

    Sorry for such a long post, any information that you ladies could give me as to what this bag is worth, (the person who gave it to me told me it might be a one-of-a-kind, could this be true?) would be greatly appreciated as I try to decide if I want to spend the money to fix it or sell it..

    thanks much!



  2. Ive never seen this bag before
  3. It's from the Surpique ligne (early 2000's), I had the smaller tote and it was over $1k back then, so yours prob. $1.5K or more.
  4. I have a bag from this line (mine is smaller). Sorry but I don't know what yours is worth.

    Do you mean worth for resale on eBay or on consignment? Or what the original cost was?
  5. How much was it worth(in brand new condition)

    How much you think it would go for as is

    and how much you think it would go for if I repaired it(is it worth it to pay for repair costs..)

  6. ^ agreed. eBay is a really good refrence to a price range.
  7. thanks kwongkittiroch, although i wish it was the same style.. mine's on the bigger side & has different straps..

    i wish there was some sort of reference site that had pictures of all of the styles from each year, because i've never even seen anything like this bag, even in multiple searches..

    you ladies are great help though! i'd be lost without ya! :heart:
  8. I really liked the Surpique ligne. . . .
    it was out WAY before the recent price increases, in fact looking back, this ligne seemed downright inexpensive! LOL!
  9. ^thats what I was thinking to0
  10. There have been a few alterations through the years, but the Surpique Ligne is still part of their continuous Classic collection.
    As shown at,1,9,4
  11. I knoww i absolutely love the design of this bag, I just wish it was smaller! I'm sort of thinking of selling it and buying the littler version.

    Who thinks I should get it repaired before selling it? ..or should I just go for it as is?
  12. If this bag was on Ebay, I would buy it for 1.3k-1.5k which I think is reasonable. Hope that helps :yes:
  13. veryintochanel: would that be with the broken zipper or if it was fixed?
  14. I would definately repair it before selling it as you will get more money than if it has that flaw. I have seen the small tote in this style that an SA at NM was trying to get rid of during the Chanel sale for $500.