Please help find a bag like this:

  1. I'm trying to help someone find a large(over 14"), smooshy leather, flap style, over the shoulder, bag in a tan type of color. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. What do you mean by flap style? Check out the Hayden Harnett hobos...
  3. Try the Travesti by Michelle Vale. I just purchased that handbag about a week ago and I love it!! Right now at Kataphileo it is 25% off for the grand opening (grand25) and 10% off for it being a featured product...Im not sure how long that will last though.

    The bag flaps over (the way I like it best!) and it also has straps to carry it over your arm. You can also transform it to a backpack style but I don't like that style that much on me. I love the leather. It is a pebbled leather and the gold on the flaps is crackled leather...not too shiny of a gold.
    travesti.jpg travest1.jpg travesti2.jpg
  4. Thanks for your suggestions! I LOVE the Kooba! (By "flap" I mean having a piece that folds right over the top. Seems to be kind of hard to find in a slouchy hobo style.) I appreciate the help tho"!!