Please Help!!! Disappoints!!!

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  1. Hi Guys.. REALLY REALLY need some help or advise please!!!

    I recently purchased a balenciaga from after hearing really good things about them in terms of authenticity, and value, and customer service.

    After two weeks, my bag started to literally look as though it was coming apart in some places...

    see these photos...

    I contacted diabro who requested i sent photos to them which i did... they than responded advising the pictures were not clear enough and so i proceeded to send them another batch which are the ones here...

    The response i got back from there was UTTERLY DISAPPOINTING.

    They advised they would only refund me 10 percent to get it professionally mended???? I didn't pay so much for a bag only to have to mend it within a fortnight...
    what do i do guys!!!

  2. Ack!!!! I have heard great things about them! I'm so sorry for you, especially when customer service is so lacking! You should get a NEW bag, not a mended one! UGH, I would just die. I hope they do the right thing!!!!
  3. I wonder if it would be best to contact the Balenciaga office about this. I'm sorry you have had a rough experience with them, the bag I got from them was awesome.

  4. I know... I'm so close to tears just from frustration... We dont fork out that kinda money for a bag that needs to be mended within a month!!!!!

    I feel so cheated.

  5. I doubt they will care - especially since i purchased it via diabro and not a store.. further more, I am in Australia.. and they don't have a balenciaga here - I really am at a lost at the moment.. I've emailed diabro back advising that i am really disppointed and want an exchange not even a refund!! I LOVE my bag.. i just don't love one that is broken!!!
  6. I'm really sorry too. It seems that you have a really good case for a refund/exchange. Please let us know how things work out for you.
  7. Thanks Chuggie.. :sad: Crossing my fingers... if they say no.. do i just take the 10 percent and hope someone can fix it for me??

    Is it possible they sent me a fake bag!!:crybaby::sad:

    I think im going to faint...
  8. Ugh! What a nightmare! I haven't purchased anything from Diabro before. I'm very hesitant about buying a bag (and spending a lot of money) on something that I haven't seen or touched. I took the risk with Aloha Rag and was very lucky. Those pics you provided look pretty clear to me, in that you have a valid case. I hope Diabro will do the right thing. Good luck and please let us know the outcome!
  9. I am so sorry. All I can say was that the lady I spoke with on the phone was incredible and nice, I am very happy with the bag I ordered from them. Have you called them? Maybe you'd get more response with a pleasant yet firm call? I REALLY hope they handle this correctly for you. Please keep us posted and good luck to you. 10% for mending is not acceptable!
  10. another thought, is Bal like LV were they will repair bags for free when you send it to them? Just wondering...
  11. Had bad experience with Diabro, not really good vendor :sad:
  12. You know what upsets me the most - that i took tthose pictures twice.. and in these ones, which were the second ones, took the effort to ensure it was clear, and that to LABEL the defects only to receive and totally unsatisfactory email response from someone named steve who told me to understand that since they could not physically see the bag, i needed to understand that they cannot do anything because they can't see it?

    So why make me post pictures twice.. and it's an online business... obviously they are not going to be able to see it physically.. and if they had not sent me a defective bag, it wouldn't even have this problem!!

    Okay im going to sit here now and cry.. this is so frustrating!
  13. oh no... what happened? Should all my hopes of getting it fixed or an exchange be thrown out the door???

  14. Yes, i spoke to a lady who asked me to send them pictures but than the response was received from this steve person...
    look at the fraying handles.... HOW do they expect that to be mended... I will call them on monday.. regardless of the response received... and if totally unsatisfactory.. I should do something about it.. but what!?


    *the miserable one with the defective b-bag*
  15. pumps.. to tell you the truth it's hard for me to tell what is wrong from the photos. I don't believe there is cardboard inside the Balenciaga so it's probably glue or frayed leather. The shots are so magnified I can't tell what part of the bag it is. Maybe say you want them to pay the return shipping & send it back to Diabro to be repaired, or just take the 10% and have it repaired later if it gets worse.