Please help! Cartier tank solo yellow gold discontinued!

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  1. Hi all Cartier lovers, I would appreciate some help if it's possible :heart:

    I've been planning for over a year now to buy myself a Cartier tank solo in yellow gold, model small, as a celebration of my 30th birthday this August.
    I'm going to Paris over my birthday and I had planned to buy the watch there.

    Last week I got the information that the watch in yellow gold had been discontinued after Christmas. And with big disappointment I started to search for it..

    I've talked to Cartier customer service in Europe, and they couldn't find one. Today I got the respons that 'this creation is exclusivity reserved to the American market' and they could not therefor order it for me.

    I've called and emailed to authorized retailers all over Europe, but no luck so far.
    I've seen it on one American website, which doesn't ship outside the US, and the VAT would be so high that I'm considering buying the tank Louis instead.. But, money wise, the Tank Louis is out of reach at the moment.

    Have any of you seen one recently? Do you have any tips of retailers with good stock? Do you have any ideas for me?
    Starting to get desperate here [emoji1]

    Sorry for the long story..
  2. It sucks when catier discontinue products! :sad:
    I wanted a red cord LOVE charity bracelet but apparently they are not available any more. They're so rare, even the Charles Revson Bangle is more common that it is! :O
  3. Hope you manage to track one down ... Amazon uk have one on their website but it's a third party seller from Japan so pretty risky not being an AD :shucks:

  4. I know, and I was so naive I didn't think it would happen [emoji20]
    I hope you'll find your bracelet someday!
  5. I would call an American store. They will ship. Particularly the Manhasset location ships frequently. I have purchased watches from overseas problems.
  6. Thank you all for your help! Im waiting for a watch to arrive from Hamburg this coming week! So so happy :yahoo::yahoo:
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  7. That's good. I'm happy for you. It's funny with shopping. The work you put behind tracking down something you REALLY want will make you appreciate the piece even more!
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