Please help...Bordeaux or noir speedy ?

  1. So I went to the LV boutique on 57th Street in Manhattan and saw the noir and bordeaux speedy. OMG - they are beautiful! I thoughtI was set on the noir but the bordeaux is GORGEOUS! Now, I can't decide! Please help! What color are you getting the mirage speedy in?
  2. I got the noir because I wear mostly black, brown....I guess things that just look better with black. I'm not a bordeaux loving gal.
  3. Noir!!!
  4. BORDEAUX! I want mine soo bad! They are holding it HOSTAGE at LV until Sat. I went to see it today! LOVE IT!
  5. Noir! I wear alot of black and am not really a bordeaux person.
  6. I got bordeaux but it was a tough call. I really like the noir too!
  7. go noir :yes: the bordeaux trim is stunning, but it kinda makes the Mono Canvas look slightly green.
  8. i'm getting a mirage in noir :smile: i think it'll match my wardrobe more.
  9. I vote for goes with everything.
  10. I vote for Bordeaux - I think it stands out a bit more than the noir.
  11. I loooove it the best in Noir. :yes:
  12. I vote for the Bordeaux ... this colour is just stunning:heart:
  13. Noir I like it looks better on the patent leather...
  14. I vote for the BORDEAUX hands down.
  15. Noir looks so much better on the Speedy! The fading colors are tdf.