Please help be pick I'm a little jaded right now!!!

  1. I'm so sad:cry::cry: :cry: , I've finally come to terms that my small ring LV white MC agenda is just not going to make a good case for my palm TX. After about 6 mths of tweaking and desgining new ways to hold the palm in the rings w/o using velrco on the leather, it's just to impractical. I found some cool palm cases from vaja cases please help be choose a color (PS all my purse acessories are LV white MC so all will match). THank You and any kind words are appreciated:shame: :cry: :sad:
    aMidnight-navy_fHoney-mustard.jpg amidnight-navy_fgranite-green.jpg aMidnight-navy_fGrasshopper.jpg amidnight-navy_fPompeian-red.jpg aBitter-chocolate_fWoodrose.jpg aMoonlight-Blue_fGrasshopper.jpg
  2. I think they will all go with your MC LVs (since the colors on the cases match some of the colors on the bag)....personally, I like the turqoise one and the rose/lilac colored one :smile:
  3. i vote red and navy or the navy and granite green. the yellow is pretty too. :smile:

    i'm sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted. that's always so disappointing. but now you can ebay it and have extra money for something you can actually use and love! :smile:
  4. LVLover, I am soooo glad there is someone else out there like me!! I too had the Palm TX and tried in vain to make my sm. agenda a case for it. I even had my husband take out the rings inside and tried all kinds of ways to make that thing fit!!! Finally after about a month I couldn't stand it anymore and was so frustrated because I ruined my agenda and had to buy a new one (hubby doesn't know that) and I was so mad I just gave him the Palm and went back to writing in my agenda!!

    I think you should pick whatever color you like the most because I think Anything looks good coming out of a Louis Vuitton!!
  5. I vote for red one..