please help authenticate this chanel!

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Dec 5, 2006
Hi there, as an Ebay buyer and seller I look at alot of listings. I am highly suspicious of any 1 day listings! They want a quick sale and fo under the radar. Also, I have recently noticed that another trick is to write it as Cha nel, instead of Chanel. I just saw a 1 day listing for a Lou is Vu itton. It escapes ebay this way. I have tried to list a bag saying it was Marc Jacobesque and they wouldn't allow it. Be very careful on Ebay and ask for lots of pictures and wait to see how they reply. Most deals will end up costing you $$$. Hope that helps :smile:


Mar 22, 2008
Honolulu, Illinois
This seller copied word for word and pics from another auction that just ended,with the exception of adding in a different email address. I know because I bid (though didn't win) on that other auction. This is a scam, don't do it.
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