Please give me opinions on these shoulder bags...

  1. That's what I'm always asking for, isn't it? :smile:

    I'd like your opinions on the following Damier shoulder bags...additional pics and info if you own this bag would be greatly appreciated:

    1. Tribeca Long
    2. Recoleta
    3. Ravello PM


  2. I like the Ravello PM the best of the three.
  3. For me, I love Ravello PM :yes:
    I post mine :shame: but it's not great pic bcos it's taken by my mobile phone :sweatdrop:
    Sorry but hope that helps :smile:
    Ravello PM is so cute...I love its Koala clasp :love:
    with ravello_sai.jpg
  4. I like this one the best. It's a small bag, but very cute. I could see it being quite practical if you like small bags (like me).
  5. i like Ravello PM!! it is so cute!!
  6. Karman - I love the Ravello PM - This is the one that one of my daughters wants for Christmas. Darling bag.
  7. Ravello PM
  8. Ravello :love:
  9. Ravello PM
  10. I'm not with the majority...but I choose the Tribeca Long. I love this bag! I tried it on that the store and I love it's elegance and sleek lines. It's a very structured and modern looking shoulder bag, and I love it's simplicity. I tried on the Ravello PM as well, it's is cute with the koala clasp, but much to small for my needs. The recoleta, is very plain IMO. I guess it would depend on how much you carry! HTH!!!