please educate me

  1. Hi bag enthusiasts!

    I am new to this place and I love it...I drool with envy staring at all those bags you guys have...*still drooolinggg...*
    let me introduce myself, i come from a so-so family, not poor and not ridiculously rich, but they way I'm raised we are soooo frugal. I have never spent more than $300 on a bag. Actually that was my last bag, anything before that are below $50! So now i want to bring the notch up a little bit..something over $1000.
    I have my eyes on fendi spy bag, paddies, marc jacobs Stams...but i just couldnt, I feel guilty, and end up not enjoying the bag .
    SOoo...I worked hard this summer, and got myself enough money to buy the bag I've been dying so much to buy (w/o using my parents money),...the paddington bag :heart:.
    but unsurprisingly enough, I'm sooooo scared to buy a new one right away.i've waited for sooo long doing research, but the longer it takes the more sold out they are. So please all the chloe's fans out there, educate me about paddingtons. what colors do they come in, what styles....what size.
    I want to know all my options before buying one. and where can i get them..besides ebay. I truly2 appreciate anyone who could give some insights, and pictures would be GREAT,i am a visual learner.:supacool:.

  2. Have you visited our Chloe Forum? There are lots of photos there and the gals in there can help!

    I'm moving this thread there for you now.
  3. ijoewono, check out the threads like 'Documenting Chloe colours'. I am sure you will learn loads from there. Plus the pics are pretty easy on the eye! :graucho:
  4. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    There should be plenty of info, in this sub-forum, to help you in your quest! To find the correct threads, just use the 'Search this Forum' facility near the top of the page.

    If you still can't find any of the info you need, please feel free to get back to us! :biggrin:

    By the way Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM has some great close-up pics of Paddys and they also give the dimensions (just click on the 'Size' tab, on the product page):

    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM