Please Educate me on the CHANEL leaflet

  1. I was just browsing eBay for Chanel bags, and came across this picture from Ladybelleboutique08's auction. I am just curious is that leaflet a special Chanel edition ? Because all my classic flap bags come with that black square envelope printed gold CHANEL on it. Please educate me :yes:[​IMG]
  2. I have never seen that one before. The bag is cute!
  3. all the fantastic CHANEL Experts, please shed some light here :smile:
  4. Hi Pinkpiano, no I don't think that leaflet means that it is a special edition. I've gotten that leaflet with 2 or 3 of my bags, including the same one in your Ladybelle picture. It's a long accordian fold-out that talks about the history of Chanel and contains colored pictures of Chanel art prints (including one by Lagerfeld), which is pretty cool.
  5. Cool !!! All the flaps I have ever received from the past month only came with the common Black envelop & carebook, rather than the one in the picture :confused1: