Please drop JUC bracelet stack pics


Jan 25, 2015
I told myself to be adventurous too but I can’t do it (for now on mixing metals).

I’m also thinking of changing my JUC small (YG) to one with diamond in PG. Your pic is totally relevant ! I think it adds a little more interest to the stack (without too much a pop say a YG+WG).
Mar 27, 2009
Love this. I have a small JUC and I really want a BML as well! Thank you for posting this, now I know how it will look whenever I finally get one.

small juc with diamonds, regular love and tiffany t wire with diamonds! all in rose gold ❤️

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I absolutely love this stack! Now I want a T wire to go with my small JUC!


I just got this vintage white gold Menotte bracelet for my stack and I love how edgy it is with my JUC!

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Love it!!!

Love this! I have a small love ring and a small JUC and now I just need the small Love bangle ;)

Current stack! I bought myself the JUC SM with diamonds to commemorate finishing nursing school, the Love is a very recent gift from my husband for our 10th anniversary :love: and the chain is a bracelet from catbird. I’m looking for suggestions on what to add to my stack! I want something dainty so that the focus is not detracted from my Love and JUC, I really just want to add a little pop. I thought about a Sweet Alhambra but it’s too cutesy for me. What do you guys think?

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I love Catbird jewelry! Mixes beautifully, looks great on your wrist