Please drop JUC bracelet stack pics

So I went down today to try to find something to add to my little stack. I went to Cartier and tried on the small Clash which I loved on its own, but not with the other bracelets I already have. I also tried on the small Écrou, which I really loved, but wasn’t 100% on. I also tried on a Love cuff, which I liked the cuff, but not with the small Love. I love all the pictures I see in here of their Love stacks, but I just did not like it on me. I also tried a Med. JUC and this was a sharp looking add. But for the price, I wasn’t sure I wanted to add the same thing.

I went to Bvulgari and tried the Serpenti Viper but felt it overpowered the other more delicate bracelets. On a whim I popped into David Yurman. I had never been in to one, but heard the name floated about. Funny side story, one of the sales associates turned out to be my neighbor. Lives in my subdivision and everything. Small word as the mall I was at is about 40mins from my house. So my SA brought out some items and we got to trying on. End result was I bought two things from them and I think my stack is complete. The picture I’m attaching are not mine - they didn’t have my size so they are shipping to my house this week, but I took a picture of the store ones on. I will probably play around with the stack order once I have everything in.

I was able to get both of these items for not too much more than if I were to have got one bracelet at Cartier. And I like the look of having different styles and designers rather than just one.

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Love it! Exactly what I am trying to achieve.